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Lina Slayer of Phoenyx

Dota 2 Masterpieces from Workshop

Dota 2 is loved by many peoples, and some of them creating a beautiful sets for the heroes. Here i will show to you the best skins from Steam Workshop.

Lets start from my top favorites from this week.

Night Stalker

Night Stalker Vampire lord

The Scourge of Evernight – Night Stalker

What set people can made for this monster? Just look at him: Vampire that at night turns in a furious monster that destroy everything that he see. Just add to him some old fashioned armour, some chains, and, of course, blood. And now you can play as a traditional vampire from Hollywood blockbusters.

Canonical Vampire set. Now he have all that he want: Bloody Fangs, Strange chain on chest and all this made in a blood color.  Amazing set for this hero.


Lina Slayer of Phoenyx

Reborn Phoenix – Lina

Just take a look at this Phoenix style set for Lina and you will fall in love right now. Now you can feel the power of the flame right through your monitor!

It looks like that she so mastered the Flame magic, that even immortal Phoenix can not comprehend her power. And now she wear his Feathers to demonstrate her power to the world.

Drow Ranger

Drow Wild Huntress

Flight of the Mayura – Drow Ranger 

This set do not look as some one that you have seen before, just look at these bright colours. It looks like she came to us from some MMORPG.

The most original set for this Hero. This is no the typical “thief” set, or another assassin from the Guild. This is a Wild Huntress, that never leaves her prey. She will follow you until you die in agony.

Troll Warlord

Eagle Warrior Troll

Raging Whirlwind – Troll Warlord

In dota 2 you can find a outfit to your taste to almost any hero, and now our beloved Troll will have some unique set.

Just look at this beauty. It looks like an Aztecs Eagle Warriors (and i think that the author was inspired with an Aztec unique warrior from Civilization 6).

Dark Seer

Sun Wuukong Dark Seer

Monkey Idol – Dark Seer 

Hey who we got here, hello WuKong… wait, what?

If you tired to wait intil Valve add Sun Wukong to dota 2 then you can easily try his outfit on Dark Seer. Lets just consider that this set is fit to him!

Nyx Assassin

Vicious Nyx ASsassin

Burnichus Sicarius – Nyx Assassin

Nyx nyx nyx nyxnyxnyx. Our “favorite” silent assassin from Dota 2 world nyx now has his own fancy set.

Look at this horns, with them he looks like some of these stag-beetle, in a good way! Now he look dangerous, as he need to be. No one want to be stubbed with these horns.

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