Doomfist: Break enemies | Overwatch competitive boost guide

Doomfist – your choice to break through Gold to Diamond Doomfist is Overwatch 25th hero (villain, but it really does not matter). He punched his way into the competitive scene, and nobody was disappointed. The agile and strong hero that requires some skill to play as him, everybody loves such complex heroes. The amount of Read More


Precise news for dota fans which were announced at International 2018!

To the delight of fans throughout the planet, Valve declared the winner of this arcana vote and far more, including the launch of a brand new mega-kill announcer bundle. The initial two weeks of this International has contributed fans over just incredible Dota two and wonderful articles by the production team. Day after day, Valve Read More


Weekly DOTABUFF #4

DOTABUFF – probably the most popular statistics site about Dota 2. But in addition to the statistics, there you can also find relevant articles on the latest developments in the world of Dota. Most famous tips and tricks that used by professionals Some “tricks” that will be described today, already known to most players, but Read More