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overwatch doomfist

Doomfist – your choice to break through Gold to Diamond

Doomfist is Overwatch 25th hero (villain, but it really does not matter). He punched his way into the competitive scene, and nobody was disappointed. The agile and strong hero that requires some skill to play as him, everybody loves such complex heroes. The amount of damage he could deliver is incredible, and Uppercoat punch with Charging blow gives him a great mobility, allowing him to leap around the battleground without problems. Ultimate in combination with Zarya could devastate an entire team, or at least split enemies apart, allowing your team to quickly destroy split enemies.

Doomfist is a tempo hero, and you need to play aggressively and know a map and every enemy. Wait for the right opportunities to arise, and when you see them, you will be practically unstoppable.

doomfist boosting

This Overwatch boosting guide will highlight these moments and help you to master Doomfist. Comprehensive Doomfist guide will help you to squeeze everything from this hero, and ensure that your rank will quickly climb to the desired position.

Doomfist is always shaking the meta because at low elo peoples just do not know how to counter him. 

Doomfist from scratch

Here is a simple review of Doomfist and his basic abilities. They are greatly working in a collaboration with each other, so you need to know how to combine them to earn the most profits from your actions.

Doomfists abilities are quite simple – on the left mouse button, you using hand cannon – a short-range shotgun. On the RMB you will charge your fist and then deal a massive blow to the enemy. If he will be hit the wall, then the bonus damage will be dealt!

But to you could look at his new abilities in-game by pressing F1, so I will not highlight any other of them. Let’s talk more about Doomfist’s tips and tricks.

Never underestimate his hand cannon, it could deal a great amount of damage, especially in the close quarters. So, before charging your gauntlet you need to land all your 4 shots to kill any enemies you saw.

Positioning is an extremely important thing because Doomfist is quite fragile, and he could not stand against 3 or more enemies. So you need to flank the opposing team and trying to find 1-2 potential targets that will be crushed under your devastating blows.

Do not look at the Rising Uppercut only as a damaging ability, it could be used to quickly leave the battleground and boost yourself up to the high spots. When you got an enemy in your sight, the basic combo sequence – Rising uppercut, Seismic Slam and Rocket punch will annihilate most of them. But if it will be not enough, then finish your job with the hand cannon.

Rocket punch could be used as a tool to quickly close the gap between you and your enemy. And you need to know how to charge your punch because sometimes it would be much more effective to release it half of its power, to finish off low enemies.

Meteor Strike | Doomfist ultimate 

Meteor strike could be ridiculously powerful, but the best usage of it – to just get you into a better position, from where you will quickly focus most important supports. With Doomfist’s ultimate you could easily get into the enemy backlines and from here destroy fragile enemies.


But it could be the wrong decision if your enemies have next heroes in the backline:

  • McCree
  • Sombra
  • Mei
  • Reaper

These 3 heroes could easily disable our mobility, and then quickly destroy use in a close combat. Doomfist is a melee oriented hero who relies on closing the gap and quickly retreating from the enemy, and that is why Sombra, McCree, and Mei are so hard to deal with. Sombra with just one button could switch off all Doomfist’s mobility,  McCree with Flashband works in a similar way, and he is stopping an aggressive Doomfist with a bullet to the head. Reaper will just annihilate us in close combat, while we will be charging our punch.

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