Dota 2 – 7.02 Patchnotes

7.02 patch

Recently Valve released some minor update to Dota 2, that fix some bugs and were added some functions for a Bots. So let’s highlight them:

Doa 2  – Patch 7.02 Fixes

7.02 patch

The list of changes:

  • during pre-match strategy choice now you can drag and drop and remove items in your inventory.
  • fixed bug when Chinese phrases sometimes did not play in the right way.
  • Standard items of equipment (couriers, wards, weather, etc.) is now gray (colorless) on the hero selection screen.


  • expiration date for the Fall 2016 Player Cards was installed on February 15, 2017 year

UI Update:

  • standard equipment  items as couriers, bardas, weather, etc.are now gray (discolored) at the stage of selecting heroes
  • rarity Items like Arcane and Immortal now come with their own labels | Show


  • updated build for multiple bots

Update scripts to bots:

  • Added global function GetLinearProjectiles (), which returns a table of all visible linear rounds, each of which consists of {“place”, “ability”, “speed”, “RADIUS”}
  • Added function GetIncomingTrackingProjectiles function added (), which returns a table of visible shells in this unit, each of which consists of {“place”, “ability”, “is_dodgeable”, “is_attack”}.
  • Added global function GetAvoidanceZones function, which returns a table of visible zones, each of which consists of {“place”, “ability”, “kastujushhij”, “RADIUS”}
  • Added function GetAmountAlongLane function added (nLane, vLocation) API, which returns a table {“number”, “distance”}
  • Added function GetTeam function added ()
  • Fixed errors with the following functions: NumQueuedActions () GetQueuedActionType ()
  • Fixed code errors when OnStart() was not called at the beginning


Update Size: 124.2 MB (with WorkShop Tools).

Small fixes

Small fixes DOTA 2

The list of changes:

  • Fixed a bug. because of what bots get stucked, when they tryes to set a ward on a top Dire rune
  • Fixed a bug with proper size of minimap on various system configurations.

Main page:

  • Link on gamestore was changed to a link to Kiev Major
  • Violet light that lasts from Dark Moon event now finally gone.


  • New icons and status for disconect

new disconnect status

  • Standart mini-map size now 260×260 px (was increased from 244x244px)
  • Big size of mini-map now again 296×296 px (was increased from 280×280 px)
  • Fixed a bug with mini-map scaling on custom landscapes.


Update Size: 85.1 MB

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