Dota 2 is loosing popularity

Dota 2 is rapidly falling in the popularity rating of PC games. This is evidenced by the updated schedule of Newzoo and Overwolf, promulgated on the official portals of companies.

Dota 2 is dying?

The portal provides updated statistics on the popularity of games every month, providing open access to data for the past three years. When calculating, Overwolf takes into account the number of unique users from North America and Europe who launched the client within a month.

Dota 2 infographic

So, in May 2014, Dota 2 took the sixth place and after that for a long time confidently held a place in the top ten popular gaming products, leaving it for the first time only in April 2015. Then the game from Valve quickly corrected its position, the next month rising immediately to two Point, and in June – one more. In the second half of 2015, Dota 2 took not the 6-8, but 9-11 places.

7.00 supposed to be the savior of the Dota 2

2016 started for this game quite well, but in August Dota 2 unexpectedly fell immediately to the 14th place, and even flew out of the top 20. Valve managed to return to this rating table only in December after the 7.00 patch, but since then has never risen above the second ten and periodically lost its positions.

In April, despite The Kiev Major, the game dropped immediately in 6 positions and risking to fly out the table again – according to experts, only a really interesting campaign or other features of the Battle Pass owners can help the game.

Top 2 popular games

Other positions

The first place for quite a long time keeping the other Moba – League Of Legends, the second one is for Hearthstone. The best game from Valve (CS: GO) is ranked 4th in the April ranking, second only to Minecraft.

Everything is OK

Most Twitch watched games

But despite the fact that Dota 2 losing popularity according to these resources, Dota 2 Twitch popularity only grows. In April 2017 Dota 2 managed to take the first place! Previously this position was taken by its direct competitor – League Of Legends.

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