Dota 2 in past Weeks | September 2017

dota 2 september 2017 news

In this every month’s digest I will highlight the most interesting events that took place in Dota 2 during the past month.

This time we will see how old school gamer recreated the beloved Dota 2 Game mode – The Diretide, and also I will show some screenshots that are already available.

Is valve out of ideas or personal?  Just recently Valve announced a new competition among the game-developers from the workshop to create best cosmetic items for the Frostvirus 2017.

The new treasure chest was added – Treasure of the Emerald Revival. Which items it has inside and how long you will be able to collect these items.


One of the users of Reddit posted screenshots of Diretide for Dota 2 Reborn. The author of this work is the developer of the popular custom game Dota IMBA. On October 15 you will meet an opportunity to evaluate his work and enjoy the good old days.

diretide dota 2 diretide dota 2 diretide dota 2


The warmth of the summer months is remembered, and the creeps already see how their breath pours in the cold air. To help the characters be ready for the upcoming cold and joys of the winter holiday, we now officially accept materials from community artists based on the themes of the Coldness and Winter Attributes that will be considered for inclusion in the new treasuries.

Be sure to mark your materials with the tag “Frostivus 2017” when submitting works. All works should be presented in the workshop of Dota 2 until November 20, 2017. As before, we would like to ask artists to avoid using any concepts that include human skulls and blood.

In addition, all Dota 2 fans should remember to regularly visit the workshop and vote so that your opinion is heard in the selection process.
This means that very soon we will see new works by artists devoted to this topic, and especially for you, we will publish them weekly in order to support the implementation of the competition.

Treasure of the Emerald Revival

A few minutes ago Wykrhm Reddy in his Twitter reported the addition of a new chest with sets to the Dota 2 store. The panel for purchase is already available in the updated client of the game

Treasure of the Emerald Revival 1

The treasury is also available for purchase in the store at a price of $ 2.49

Treasure of the Emerald Revival 2

Treasure of the Emerald Revival contains one of the following sets:

  • [Naga] Siren Allure of the Deep
  • [Necrophos] The Plaguemonger
  • [Monkey King] Havoc of Dragon Palace
  • [Enigma] Exponent of the Endless Stars
  • [Rubick] Rambling Fatebender
  • [Shadow Fiend] Fathomless Ravager
  • [Abaddon] The Brinebred Cavalier
  • [Clockwerk] The Keen Commander
  • [Terrorblade] Foulfell Corruptor (Ultra-rare)

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