Dota 2 | Valve care about new players


Developers decided to change Dota 2 for beginners

Valve company declares about new Dota 2 update, which will positively affect all new Dota 2 players. This is no secret that Dota 2 is a quite hardcore game that is not easy to master among the other moba games.  Two main issues that all new players meet are:

  1. The great variety of dota 2 heroes
  2. Toxicity of the dota 2 community

Dota 2

And developers decided to get rid of these two issues. Now new players can pick only 20 heroes, that’s are, according to Valve, are just great and easy for all new players. To open all other heroes you need to play 25 games. Moreover, new players will play with the gamers with a good behavior, thanks to the new matchmaking system.


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