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LoL 5man

Want to play with high level players, but you don’t have enough time?

Hi there, if you ever wanted to know what is boost is then in this article i’ll try to explain why people order boosts. Also i’ll write a small review on all popular MOBA boosting services. So let’s start.

Solo mmr boost

As you could know every MOBA have a competitive mode. Playing in this mode you will achieve a match making rank also known as Elo. But the main problem that you need to work really hard to earn good rating like 4k in DOTA2 or diamond in League of Legends. If you want to solo boost your account then you need a lot of time and a really good chunk of patience, because you need to master almost all roles in the game. And more you need to learn at least 2-3 champions of each role in case that some of your champions are nerfed or some of them received a good buff.

Queen of Pain

You need to pick that heroes that you team really need. Never pick second mid champion of something like that. Some people a extra salty and if they can’t play as hero they wanted they’ll just feed enemies all entire game, and you will lose about 20-40 minutes of your precious time. So you need to coordinate your team if noone choose this role and try your best. Remember that you can not win match solo, only team can win the game.

Always check patch notes to know strong and weak heroes and how to fight against them.  Look at the professional stage to know what heroes are in Meta and how to counter them.

As you can see solo boosting requires a really a ton of time. So let me introduce you a more fun way to rise your rating – Duo / Trio boosting.

Duo-trio mmr boost

You can try find some friends to play with (or find some on lfg websites like this), perform a devastating combos and easily win match making games. It look like an easy mmr or elo, but you must remember that elo and mmr system always try to look for another stack of players to versus you, or just find a few lonely players which rating is a little higher than yours. So you need a good communication and feel every move of your ally, or this method is not for you. Learning how to play as 1 being is much harder but also this way is much funnier then solo boosting.


Just waste some time in practice mode to learn all timings of your ally and then you both can feel each other. Master combo-champions but remember that Valve and Riot always change balance of these heroes and that means that once in a few patches you need to change your heroes and re-mastered them.

5-man stack mmr boost

This way is the hardest. You will be always playing against another 5 man stack and you just can’t blame your teammates. You need a hell lot of time to learn how to play as one team, learn tons of strategies and master 3-4 champions to counter your enemies. Of course there are some huge advantage against previous boosting methods, like you can choose only 1 role to play as, you will not play with toxic players that will blame you or your teammate for an entire game.

League of Legend

Just remember that you play with friends and never blame each other. It will be cool, if after each match all team watch replay and discuss what mistakes that was been made and learn how to avoid them in future.

Basic advices about enhancing your gameplay

1 – Know popular champions and all ways to counter them

This is a simple but extremely useful advice. Just look at the professional stage to know which champions are popular right now and learn a various way to counter them. Do not forget about popular item buildes. Even if you have hero that weak against enemy’s carry then you need to switch your prioritize on items that will counter your main enemy.

2 – Always look at replays

Replays are almost the most profitable way to increase your gameplay. Just always look at yourself like this is not you, and try to find all mistakes that was made by this “random player” and what will YOU do to fix these mistakes. This is one of the most important step, and never underestimate this way.

3 – Stay chill

This is simple advice – stay chill in any situation. Yes it is hard but angry / dismoraled / envy / etc players made mistakes that can ruin your entire game. Many can say that this is not as easy as i said, but i just can’t understand what is the problem just to don’t hear what 1 salty person say? Don’t ignore him, he can say some usefull info, but just do not look at other things that he say.

Dota2 keep calm

Just do what you need to do, and never try to sabotage him. You and he play in one team, and if he die, then enemy team will have an advantage. Just try to chill him down, or ignore all useless information that he gives to you.

4 – Know your limits

Do not play too many matches in short period of time. Tired player = Bad player. Even if you have a win streak for 5-6 games just take a break, because on euphoria you just can’t feel how tired you really are. Go for a walk, listen for a good music with your eyes closed, or just do something relaxing, it is not really important what you will do, just relax. And after break do not immediately start a competitive game, play 1 practice or normal draft game to warm up and then rush into the competitive to crush you enemies!

One more way to boost your account

And here is a way for a lazy ones – MMR or ELO boosting services. If you choose this way then you need to pay to some boosting company and their professional booster will play on your account until it reach desired rank. Of course that way is not cheap, you can read above why. Booster spend such much time on that game to know all aspects of it. But if you choose them just after a few days you can play with a good players on a rank that you wanted. You can find almost infinitive boosting companies in the web, but i’ll try to highlight best of them.



Boostmmr is one of the most popular top rated MMR boosting service in popular Moba game named as DOTA 2. They have a professional boosters that will boost your account in a blink of an eye. Also this one of the oldest boosting recources. They have cheapest prices among the others and other good advantages as:

  • Live streaming.  – If you worried that your account will be blocked for whining or something like that then you can always look how professional play at your account, and maybe learn some moves from this stream.
  • Anonymous. – nobody will know that you use a boost service, because boosters do not talk with anybody while they are working.
  • Match History. – You can always check how good your booster is by checking your match history in your own personal area on the website.
  • Personal Area. – You own little corner where you can find all interesting information about your order.

This service was created by a few professional DOTA 2 players which want to help other boosters to find new clients. They have good personal and friendly support that will answer to all your questions on-line.

You can pay for your order through PayPal or Stripe to handle all credit card info.

PayPal – is one of the largest payment provider in the world.

Stripe is an industry standard PCI-approved payment provider, which means that your credit card information is as safe as can be. All credit card data is sent directly to Stripe over HTTPS which means the data is encrypted, and that BoostMMR never actually sees your credit card number.

So if you have other questions about this boosting service you can click on this link to read all official FAQ.



Boosteria is the best service in League of Legends that provides ELO boosts. They have a legit professionals, quality personal and on-line support that will answer to you if you want to know something about ELO boost. Among the other boosting services Boosteria have these advantages:

  • Speed of Order Completion. They spent many recources to increase speed of order completion, just after 30 minutes after placing an order it will go on work.
  • Special offers for extra money. You pay – you choose. Pay for extra options like – Choose your booster by yourself, choose champions on which your account will be boosted and etc.
  • Personal Area. You will have a personal area where you can speak with you booster, look at the progress of your order and many more usefull information.
  • Support center. All your question will be answered here.
  • Challenger Players. Boosteria have only the best boosters in their ranks.
  • Manners. You will not be blocked by a tribunal while you are boosted by Boosteria.
  • Guides. Giant page with a various guides about League of Legends. Even after your order will be completed you can stay at their site and learn how to play properly.

Do not forget that they already have the cheapest prices on the market, and also they have a huge discounts on various holidays.

You can use next payment method: PaySafeCard, iDeal, credit and debit cards. So if you wanted to Buy elo boost, then you know where to go.

Recap about Boosting

So i hope i explained all methods of boosting in this article. Now if you see a really good player then just remember how many hours he spend mastring his skills, and if you really want a good rating then i show you all possible pathes that you can choose.

LoL 5man

Do not look at boosting services like this is unfair method (well maybe in some way it is but..). Not all players have enough time to rise their rating, even if they play really good. They just want to chill and play 2-3 good games with cool guys in the evening after a hard work day. Do not afraid that you, who solo boosted to a high rank, will play with a low-skilled player. Players who can’t play properly will lose their rating very fast.

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