NaVi: Dendi wants to win every match

NaVi Dendi

Natus Vincere also knows as Na’Vi starts qualification matches to the tournament StarLadder i-League Invitational. Official portal of this Ukraine team takes an interview from the mid-player of NaVi Danil “Dendi” Ishutin. Here are the most interesting question and answers.

Interview with Dendi

Danil Dendi Ishutin

How NaVi training outside the boot camp? You play only together only in tournaments, or also at casual pub games?

We have a certain regime that we hold on. A few days a week we play CW, and we have a day to parse replays. And we pay a lot of time to the matchmaking. I will not go into the details.  But judging by the profile, I have 191 hours in two weeks.

By the way, you’re going to boot camp for the third time. What is the fundamental difference between this and the previous? Are you doing something that’s not connected to DotA 2?

Every time we work on improving the schedule. We try to make Boot camp become more productive. On a day, we have time for training, watching replays, matchmaking system, rest. Time is not really enough. A variety of joint activities are needed, it is some kind of team building.

One of your favorite characters, Magnus, survived a few small but very sensitive nerfs?. How much harder is it to realize the potential of this hero properly?

The most unpleasant nerf is mana cost of the empower. Of course, it affects the game. This hero has gained popularity in the professional DotA, and now he is getting nerfed (which most often happens to any heroes who have gained popularity).

In addition, the hero has had a great rework of talents. In particular, we would like to note the change at the 15th level: from + 50 damage to + 12 strength. Do you think this talent is worth ignoring by choosing + 90 gold a minute?

It’s situational. If you see that without certain artifacts (for example, orchid malevolence + Refresher’s orb) you can’t win, you might want to take the gold. But strength gives him a lot of damage and works well with empower.

Dreamleague questions

NaVi Dendi

We already know all participants of the DreamLeague, but wich of them are the most dangerous?

Every team is strong.

The list of teams participating in the Summit 7 is similar to the members of the Dreamleague. Do you have a different attitude to the tournaments, or do you want to achieve the maximum result in each tournament?

We really want to win absolutely all matches, regardless of their importance. The main thing is to get enough time to prepare.

Very soon, the NaVi will begin their performance in the sectional stage of the Dreamleague and The Summit. You want to say something for the last of your fans and team fans?

Thank you so much for all. I hope we can live up to your expectations and show our strength.


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