Precise news for dota fans which were announced at International 2018!

Dota 2 International news

To the delight of fans throughout the planet, Valve declared the winner of this arcana vote and far more, including the launch of a brand new mega-kill announcer bundle.

The initial two weeks of this International has contributed fans over just incredible Dota two and wonderful articles by the production team. Day after day, Valve has announced that the winners of this arcana vote along with the short-film competition, similar to every year. Nonetheless, along with this, there have been many statements away from the program of specific events that left everybody in the stadium and those watching at home using their jaw-dropping.

Here are the wonderful events that have happened within the last few days, and much more which are to come through the remainder of the most important event…

This past year, the Grand Magus went head-to-head at the grand finals of this arcana vote contrary to Pudge, the hottest hero since the beginning of the match in 2011. The outcomes were incredibly close, with Pudge scratching out a success with a mere 0.008percent edge, leaving several Rubick fans frustrated and unsatisfied. This season, the community rallied together to be certain everybody place their votes to Rubick. Reddit articles were created, people tweeted to their buddies and petitions were created to create certain that the support hero are the winner.

Plus it turns out that that effort wasn’t in vain. Expected to be another finalist from the vote, his arch nemesis, the Arsenal Magus Invoker, dropped to Faceless Void from the semi-finals to everybody’s surprise. And although we didn’t get to get that epic showdown in the finals, we shall at least be ensured that lovers of this protagonist will eventually rest in gratification.

For a year’s winner, Pudge fans had to wait for 9 weeks to the item to reach the marketplace. And it’s completely possible that this year’s winner might need to wait a long time, or even more. What also remains a puzzle is that the ratio where Rubick won the vote, which wasn’t declared through the announcement of the winner.

Dota 2 International Precise Announcements

The section, in actuality, proven to be the way of announcing the Gabe Newell mega-kill announcer into the entire world. Each owner of this conflict pass could be given a complimentary copy of the announcer, irrespective of their degree. The news was fulfilled will professionally positive response along with a deafening applause from the crowd in the stadium.

Short-film competition winner

After the first announcement of this 20 submissions short-listed since the finalists, the last effect of this first, third and second place finishers of the yearly short-film competition at The International. A celebrated heritage of the largest tournament of this year, the short-film competition creates some of the very best content in the community which rivals the likes of specialist movies.

Here is actually the first time in 2 decades that the winner isn’t the acclaimed Maxime”MaxOfS2D” Lebled, whose admissions have won him the 1st place trophy in the International 2016 and the International 2017 short-film competitions.

Artifact beta accessibility

In a second unforeseeable announcement created soon prior to the commencement of the primary event on Day 1 of this International 2018, it had been announced that each attendee of the event in the Rogers Arena at Vancouver, British Columbia could be given a complimentary copy of Artifact.

News concerning the sport has gradually been making the headlines more and more information surrounding it’s being published . They’ll also make Artifact product, such as signed prints of art plus two keys for free copies of this game when it’s released.

TI8 decoration pool reaches 25 million

Only two days following breaking the album of this International 2017’s prize pool, putting the entire record of the largest one in the background of esports, The International 2018’s prize pool has crossed the landmark of a staggering $25 million US dollars. This currently amounts to more than 11 million US dollars for winners of this championship.

Despite worries of this battle for the prize pool to achieve this mark, requiring a boost in the launch of another Collector’s Cache treasure, the landmark is a vital indicator of the increase of the match and its own markers in not only esports, but also in sport as a whole. It’s anticipated that the recent launch of this Gabe Newell mega-kill announcer will further propel the amount to new heights, as some enthusiasts have promised to buy the conflict pass this late in the summer season, simply to receive their hands on the announcer package.

More importantly

These aren’t the only exceptional events which we’ll have the ability to watch at TI8. On the following 3 days, we’ll have the pleasure of seeing some of the most effective professional Dota two players on the planet battle it out at a best-of-three series contrary to the strong OpenAI bots. The OpenAI Five group had the ability to conquer a group of high-MMR casters and analysts, for instance, two-time Major-winner David”MoonMeander” Tan. Now, it’s time to find out if the bots can conquer anything and what the people have to give.

Moreover, the All-Star game, a longstanding convention of this International and the Cosplay competition are also part of the principal event in the forthcoming days. The tournament organizers have a lot to keep us amused throughout the downtime of their games at The International 2018.

What news are you excited about, and exactly what exactly are you really looking forward to the many in the forthcoming times of The International? Tell us in the comments below!

The International 2018 is set to start on August 15 and scheduled to operate through August 25. Presently, the prize pool is more than a staggering $24 million with two weeks left before the big event.

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