Sven+Invoker: Pros of this Bundle

Sven dota 2

What professionals think when they choosing for a match characters without apparent, at first glance, synergies? What is the meaning of all those Smokes? On what basis counter picks?

Newcomers of DOTA 2 created a perfect synergy with old heroes

Invoker Sven

Reddit user is able to do a in-depth study through a bunch of NP games Sven + Invoker, which appreciated in the English-speaking community.

Team NP was created only 2 months ago, but already show good results: clear win in qualification macthes to Boston Major and Second place at their first Lan-tournament. NP almost always choose Sven as a part of their team: he was picked in 21 matches and has 62% winrate. Partner of Sven was Invoker, and it is important to nitice that NP choose that bundle in all hard matches like against EG (in all 3 matches!) and in the final of NA Beat Invitational against Wings. In this article we will try to tell you in what points that bundle is so good; how NP use it, and how Wings could deal with it.

Pros of this bundle

Sven dota 2

  • Sven big chunk of his gold get through the jungle, because he can easily and fastly farm all creep spawn points and without problem kill stacked ancient creeps. Invoker in his side can safely farm lines with his Forge Spirits, Alacrity and Ghost Walk. In summary Sven farm maximum from the half of the map and Invoker farm another half. So NP let to their 2 Core Heroes farm and enhancing control over the map.
  • Roshan and Push. This is clear, All these heroes can push (God’s strength, Alacrity, Forge Spirits) and can take Roshan’s Aegis in a short perioud of time.
  • Fights. Invoker is incredibly strong in a 5 vs 5 battles, and he is a ideal parnter for an immobile Sven, that is addicted to his team and their control abilities. Plus Sven is strengthen by Alacrity. Also Sven and Invoker get their’s core items (Black king’s Bar and Aghanim’s Scepter) almost in one time.
  • Ganks. With Echo Sabre and Blink Dagger Sven can destroy almost every character at the map (with the help of Sun Strike from Invoker). Blink dagger on Sven is appear in one time with Boots of Trabel on Invoker, and this allow him to teleport to the line where Sven solo-killed an enemy and then take the tower.

Invoker dota 2

This bundle creates a flexible draft. Cons of this bundle – their weakness at the lining stage. But this issue can be easily fixed with an aggresive supports like: Ogre Mage, Enchantress, Undying.

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