Weekly Dotabuff #3

Ways to change the Balance in Dota 2 In most cases Dota balanced due to the professional scene, which is much different from pubs. It is enough just to look at popular heroes at various events and you will know whom of them will be buffed or nerfed. Patch 6.87c changed the most popular heroes Read More


Pudge conquer of pubs pt. 2

Pudge – Iconic hero from Dota 2, and in our last article we already say a few words about him. Today we will continue our conversation and discuss his future. Pudge – Balanced Hero? In this month Pudge was picked in 40% of all matches in 5000+ MMR, and his winrate is stable (around 52%). Read More


Weekly DOTABUFF #2

DOTABUFF – probably the most popular statistics  site about Dota 2. But in addition to the statistics there you can also find relevant articles on the latest developments in the world of Dota. In our second article “Weekly DOTABUFF” we look at an interesting article about the issue of new reshuffle rules . The new Read More

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Match Making Rating

High MMR = High skill ? Does MMR helps cybersportsmen? MMR is one of the keys that leads to the victory? Reddit user did some research about MMR rates at new teams that participating in The International 2016. Conclusions are quite remarkable. We bring to your attention the following table: Conclusions to the following table: among Read More

top 10 twitch game APRIL 2017

The International teams: Wings Gaming, Team Secret

  Dota 2: Wings Gaming, Team Secret   Wings Gaming The International 2016 begins with new powers. Eight teams managed to qualify and one of them is Wings Gaming, a Chinese professional Dota 2 team. Wings Gaming is formed in August 2014, but in October the team drops most of its roster for Faith_bian, Jdh Read More

top 10 twitch game APRIL 2017

The International teams: NaVi, Evil Geniuses

The International teams: NaVi, Evil Geniuses   Natus Vincere The sixth team that was invited at The International 2016 is Natus Vincere. Their name, often abbreviated as Na`Vi, comes from Latin and cam be translated as “born to win”. Natus Vincere is a Ukrainian multigaming organization founded in 2009 as a Counter-Strike team. Its DotA Read More

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The International Teams: LGD Gaming, MVP Phoenix

Dota 2: The International Teams   LGD LGD Gaming is a Chinese multigaming team based in Hangzhou, China. It is sponsored by Guizhou Laogandie Food. So far, it has a Dota 2 division and one League of Legends division. LGD’s first step into DotA was the sponsorship of the squad known as For The Dream, Read More

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The International Teams: OG, Team Liquid, Newbee.

Dota 2: The International Teams The International has 16 participating teams. These are : OG, Team Liquid, Newbee, LGD Gaming, MVP Pheonix, Natus Vincere, Evil Geniuses, Wings Gaming, Team Secret, TnC Gaming, Digital Chaos, Vici Gaming Reborn, Alliance, Fnatic, CompLexity Gaming, EHOME, Escape Gaming and Execration. OG OG was created as the new team of Read More

top 10 twitch game APRIL 2017

New Immortal treasures

Lockless and Trove Immortals Today Valve released 2 more Immortal treasures: Lockless Luckvase that contains immortal items for such heroes as Bounty Hunter, Silencer, Lion and Wraith King. Also u have a small chance to get a rare courier Krobeling. in Trove Carafe you can find items for Pudge, Centaur, Nyx Assassin, Dazzle and Drow Ranger. Read More

top 10 twitch game APRIL 2017

The International 2016

Dota 2 | The International 2016 date : 2 august 2016 The International 2016 – The sixth annual tournament for the game Dota 2 from the company Valve, which will be held in the summer of 2016. In 2015 the tournament prize pool exceeded $16,000,000, so the sixth International can expect an even bigger prize pool. Read More