Team Liquid | The Champions of The International 2017

winners ti7 team liquid

Winners of the TI7 – Team Liquid

The most important Dota 2 event of the 2017 Season – The International 2017 had ended. In the final match, Team Liquid meet the Chinese team Newbee. Team Liquid, that destroyed Team Empire, Virtus.Pro, LGD, and LFY, is one of the favorites of this event and the only non-chinese team that left in The International 2017. Teams will fight for the champion title and the biggest prize pool in the history of the cyber sport – $24.000.000.

dota 2 liquid

To everyone’s regret Team Liquid just smashed the Newbee and win with the 3-0, first time in the history of The International. As a result, these five brave players will share $10.828.801. But the players failed the prizing ceremony and can not open the champagne.

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