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DOTABUFF – probably the most popular statistics site about Dota 2. But in addition to the statistics, there you can also find relevant articles on the latest developments in the world of Dota.

Most famous tips and tricks that used by professionals

Some “tricks” that will be described today, already known to most players, but few people use them directly during the game. Today we would like to not only remind to you about them, but also give a boost to their immediate use.

Dota 2 mafia


Playing as Tinker, you will often spend all his huge manapool during fights and full recovery may take a long time. Drop out objects that give mana or intelligence, this action will greatly reduces manapool and that allows you to quickly refill it. But this trick is not limited by one Tinker. It saves a few seconds of regeneration at all heroes, and in the long game summ of the saved seconds can be quite a serious factor.

Some players also drop items out of the fountain, to maximize the effect of items or abilities, providing regeneration. If you decide on this, always be vigilant as possible – very easy to lose your items laid out, if the enemy is near.


The second way to maximize HP and mana – to switch between Power Treads attributes that it gives. Rather than lay out your sneakers, you can simply switch to Dexterity and only then start using mana regen with smaller mana or Hp pool.

With this switch to Power Treads is not limited. Such heroes like Anti-Mage should make it a habit to switch them on intelligence while using blink. And do not forget to switch it back on agility or strength immediately after. Before the advent of Battlefury or Manta Style, that hero has a poor manapul and regeneration of it does not allow him to spend mana impunity. Switching between modes of shoes in the early levels will save enough mana for a significant increase in the number of possible blinkĀ applications.


Phantom Assassin

Almost all abilitiesĀ in the game that have a chance of triggering, are not truly random, but pseudo-RNG (pseudo-random) system, which protects players from the long series of attacks from the effects or on the contrary, helps unlucky players still stun the enemy. The more you hit, the higher the chance that the ability will work. This “additional” chance is reseted after a successful operation, and must be re-gained.

If correctly count the number of beats that you make on the creeps, between your ability triggers, you can with certainty predict behavior of ability in the next couple of punches. Spirit Breaker, that hit creep by three attacks and still not use his passive stun ability, with very high probability will stun in the next two attacks, because his chance to trigger increased capacity and significantly above baseline.

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