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Windranger, Techies and Treant Protector in Dota2 7.X

The Dotabuff blog regularly displays articles about the latest changes of meta, focusing on statistics of the dotabuff.com site itself. We have provided you with an overview of the most interesting articles of dotabuff and presented them with short statements.

Windranger have some serious problems


This article describes the problems of Windranger: A hero who looks mediocre even after buff in 7.01.

  • Windranger would be a great with a talent for additional damage. However, his alternative, the talent for Manaregen (+ 4 per second) is one of the strongest in this category. At the same time, the talent for the damage (+ 15) is one of the weakest.
  • As a result, talent on Manaregen wins more often, but playet choose this talent less often.
  • Talent for + 12% magic damage looks good, but it’s only proposed at 20th level. At this point, it’s not so much. An alternative, + 12% to magic resistance, is very poorly suited to Windranger.
  • The competitors of Windranger in the middle line received much more powerful talent and i talk not only about Ember Spirit. The same Queen of the pain and Puck receives more damage (+ 20 at the 10th – Queen of Pain and+ 40 at the 15th – Puck); Puck puck can also choose between resistance or strengthening his magic power but, unlike Windranger, has three abilities with magic damage.
  • At the moment Windranger is located at 73-th place by quantity of peaks at 5 k + MMR, and hers win rate around VHS bracket does not exceed 44%. Apparently, light buff in 7.01 proved insufficient, and the hero is in dire need of strengthening.

Treant Protector – back in Meta

Treant protector

This article was devoted by the author to the prolonged return of Treant protector in Meta. Traditional talent parsing is attached.

  • Since the last serious Nerf treant protector and to 7.01, more than three years have passed, [applies: In 6.79, he cut the night review and severely weakened living armor]. From that point on, he receive mainly buff.
  • Nevertheless, Treant Protector traditionally remained unpopular. In pubs in patch 6.88 F, he was only taken in 3.5% of the games [for comparison, Omniknight was selected 11% and Pudge – 36%.] On the scene, he briefly appeared in Meta (for example, in conjunction with IO in 6.81), but he quickly went into the shadow of more trend characters.
  • In 7.00 treant Protector not only became stronger. With the increased speed of movement and the stun of the new Nature’s Guise, this character has become more active and has become more pleasant.
  • As a result, pickrate of Treant Protector more than doubled to date and now is 7.5 percent.
  • As Dotabuff takes into account the choice of players at all levels of skill, it is not surprising that the talents of as, gpm and time of recovery generally have highter pickrate.
  • It’s interesting that the talent for movement speed wins more often. Under the nature’s guise, the benefits of it grow by a third, and in this meta active supports are very popular.
  • In games with MMR 5 k + Treant Protector holds first position on winrate and selected in 17% of games. If you extend the selection to the all games of VHS-bracket, his figures still remain very high: third win rate and 9.0% of pick rate.

New Techies – better Techies


Article about new, reworker Techies. Main thing – that now Techies gameplay not look like a stand alone mini game, and look like a real hero of Dota 2.

  • At TI5 EG just forced all their enemies to ban Techis. Aui_2000 just dominate on line. Techies from Aui really own the whole line, Before 6.85 mines destruction do not give any gold, and were understructable with hatchet, as a alternative Techies always have suicide.
  • After nerf in 6.85 this hero was untouchable until total rework in 7.00
  • Damage from red mine increased in 3 times (260 -> 750), but you can’t stack them in 1 place, and detonation time now 1.6 sec.
  • Techies became less dependent on luck and more on the location of mines and competent players now have opportunity to avoid damage whith the proper reaction.
  • New Techies bring huge benefits in teamfights. With Blast Off instead of Suicide, you can initiate the fight, to impose silence. Cast-time Remote Mines was reduced from 1.5 to 1 second, and with the talent on the application range of 200 + Techies can act as artillery system, laying out in mixing mines one by one.


  • Until 12 January, was a bug, that allows you to destroy Proximity Mines just with autoattacks, as the video above. Once the bug has been fixed, win rate of Techies rose from 50.8% to 52.4% in just a day. His pick rate also increased from 4.5% to 5.7%.
  • Techies remains very unpleasant opponent, but the developers have tried to fit him in Dota 2 standards and encourage Techies players to more interact with others.

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